Black Fang's Dungeon

Black Fang's Dungeon (Part 1)

This session began with Mayor Kendra Deverin introducing two new characters and asking the group to investigate and put an end to yet more livestock disappearances. A long black fang found in one of the corpses has prompted the locals to dub this mysterious threat "Black Fang". Stopping at "The Way North" to acquire a map of the caverns Black Fang is rumored to be living in, our heroes set out to the entrance of the cave.

A pair of drunken goblins posted at the mouth of the cave greet our adventures with their usual "hospitality". Now experienced in dealing with their kind, the party make quick work of the goblins and help themselves to the treasure chest in the first chamber. Moving north they discover a magical fountain, ruins on the fountain suggest that any who offer gold to Desna may receive a boon by drinking from the water. Reluctant at first to drink from the strange fountain Ezren attempts to bottle the water for later study but discovers its magic fades quickly once removed from the mystical fount. The newcomer "Trip" eventually volunteers to be the first and dropping a gold coin into the fountain takes a sip. He glows with a golden aura for a moment and reports the water to be clean and cool and he feels invigorated by it. Three more coins are dropped in and three more draughts taken, only Merisiel feels no effects.

Taking the eastern of the two paths presented, a disembodied voice booms a warning as they enter the next room "Approach with humility and live". Ezren detects magic emanating from two statues in opposite corners of the room and from a large red gemstone on an alter between them. Simaedra identifies the statues as part of a magical fire trap and Merisiel disables them before swiping her prize. Ezren and Simaedra identify it as the Energy Heart, a gem capable of protecting its owner from energy damage once per day.

Moving south the party discover a chamber covered in large spiderwebs and another goblin. This time however something else has already killed the little green creature for them. As Ezren approaches to poke the body with his staff, the killer - a giant spider - drops silently from the ceiling catching Trip and Simaedra by surprise. Merisiel dodges a poisonous spider bite and despite being caught off-guard, the party soon decorate the cave floor with spider guts. Ezren discovers a magic wand on the dead goblin and Merisiel takes an intricate wooden dragon toy.

Turing north again they came across a pillar covered with glyphs near an underground pool. On the far side of the water on a small island something glittered. Drawing on his Pathfinder Society knowledge, Trip deciphered the pillar – by pressing the symbol for water on each side it will grant one person the ability to breath underwater for a short period. Once again the guinea pig, Trip activated the pillar and crossed the water to retrieve the treasure. A soon as he stepped foot on the island however a reefclaw emerged from the water. Trip opted to retreat rather than face the beast alone, but the monster was not dissuaded from its prey. As he reached the shore where his companions awaited the creature caught Trip in an over-sized claw, preventing him from moving. The other three quickly came to his aid however and the crustacean was soon seafood, with enough time left in the spell effect for Trip to return to the island for the treasure – including a +1 Dragon-Bane Longsword!

As the party moved west they heard goblin voices and Ezrin was able to determine they were arguing amongst themselves. When they reached the cavern they encountered 5 goblins, one slightly larger than the previous they encountered. Rather than immediately attacking, on spotting the adventures the largest spoke up in broken common. Introducing himself as "King Fatmouth" he explained that his sister recently stole his favorite toy – a wooden dragon – and none of his other subjects were brave enough to retrieve it. If the party returned the toy he would let them live and offer them safe passage through his chamber to the crypts beyond. A difficult choice now faced the adventures, Ezrin was reluctant to let the goblins live after their last adventure but Merisiel said she would rather give up the toy than fight all of them and an uneasy truce was declared.

Passage through the goblin chambers secured, the party scaled a cliff to the north by rope and found themselves in a crypt. The dead did not rest easy here though and three skeletons attacked. In the ensuing battle one managed to scratch Merisiel with its bony claws but they were soon reduced to a pile of dust and bones. At this point Trip suggested that they return to town so he and Merisiel could have their wounds healed and Ezrin could rest and regain uses of his Hand of the Apprentice.


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